Festival of Trees 2012 part ii

I said before that I went to the Festival of Trees last week. And there were two reasons that I took pictures of a tree. I already showed some of the pictures of trees that I took because I wanted to remember a detail or two. Here are some of the pictures that I took because I wanted to share the details or memory of the tree with others. Or because it made me laugh. Enjoy!

I took this picture for some of my family members who are Aggie fans.

I took this one because the blue and white snowflakes remind me of the decorations that we are putting together for the Harry Potter Yule Ball that I am working on for work. (I am not in charge of the decorations, but I am helping. And you can guess what some of the colors and wintery shapes we will be using…)

This was the BYU tree. I also really liked the sign. Go Cougars!

And this Cars Tree was something that I thought my nephews would love.

This was the tree topper for one of the many Dr. Seuss trees. I kinda wish I had it so I could wear it.

This Christmas tree was made from dryer vent materials that could be purchased at a home improvement store.

Here is a Fairy/Butterfly tree.

This Heart Tree was really fun to look at.

Our family has a soft spot for the I Love Lucy themed tree.

This Ice Cream Tree was an up-side-down tree. I thought it was especially clever.

A LEGO Tree. With loads of fun LEGO decorations and toys for under the tree. I wish we could have that at the library.

This Mickey Mouse Tree came with a custom-made Mickey Mouse play kitchen. I really wished I could have that for the library!

This Ski Utah tree had loads of fun license plates to make fun sayings. Plus the mittens, scarves, and skis were a fun touch.

I thought this Snowman Wreath was clever.

I know many people who would love a Sports Tree…but this one also had dolls!

Here was a Tangled Tree. I think I know a niece who loves Rapunzel…and so does her grandma…

These snowmen were made out of globes. (The tree was cute too…but it was these snowmen that truly made me smile on this one.)

And of course I had to show more than the details of the Harry Potter Tree. Just look at the Sorting Hat being the tree topper. Such fun. Makes me want to head on down to Harry Potter World…if only I had a real flying broom…

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