Wedgieman: a Hero is BOrn by Charise Mericle Harper

wedgieman a hero is born

Wedgieman: a Hero is Born
Charise Mericle Harper
illustrated by Bob Shea
Random House, 2012
Format: Easy Reader
AGES: Elementary School
3 Stars

I love the things Charise Mericle Harper and Bob Shea have done. So I was excited to read this particular easy reader. Basically Veggie Man is a kid who loves vegetables. And he has super powers. He had to practice his superpowers in order to actually be good with them, but he worked and became Veggie Man…a superhero who wanted to help others love vegetables too. When a kid was stuck in the top of a tree, he flew up to save the day. Then he gave the kid a bunch of carrots. However, while he was saving the day, a couple of sticks got stuck to his super-hero outfit. The “V” on his chest then looked like a “W” and the kid who he saved…and everyone else…started calling him “Wedgieman.”

With a name like “Wedgieman” kids will be sure to love the book. And with a theme of liking vegetables, parents will be pleased as well. Some kids might be disappointed that there isn’t more “wedgie” jokes. But I think the parents would probably appreciate that the name will make the book seem funny and interesting without the large amount of potty humor. This will be a fun early reader series to keep my eyes on.

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