Silly Doggy! by Adam Stower

Silly Doggy!
by Adam Stower
Orchard Books, 2011
ISBN: 978-0-545-37323-4
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: 2 to 6
5 Stars

Ha! This is another GREAT picture book! Seriously, you might want to go put this book on hold before you continue reading this book. It is one that you will want to read with your kiddo! Hurry, go to the library website and put it on hold. Okay, back? Now I’ll tell you why it is so good.

Lily is a little girl who sees something wonderful in her garden. And she always wanted a doggy! This doggy is big and hairy…and looks very similar to a big brown bear that has escaped from the zoo. Kiddos will laugh over the funny things that Lily gets her “doggy” to do. And once the zoo comes to claim the runaway bear…Lily is excited that she finds something else in her garden.

Basically this is a hysterical picture book. It is funny and parents won’t mind reading this story over and over again to youngsters. Which is great because this is one book that will be requested over and over again.

What to do After Reading this Book:
Go visit the zoo.
Go for a walk in the garden.
Take turns pretending to be Lily’s “doggy” or “kitty”.
Talk about different characteristics of animals.

What this Does for Kids:
Helps them think through different characteristics of animals.
Teaches them that humor can happen when things aren’t expected or are misinterpreted.
Shows that parts of the story that you don’t “read” (like the end papers) can add to the story.

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