No Girls Allowed Library Program

My library has a great monthly program that my coworker does. I was asked to come and help with some crowd control…and to snap a few pictures. It was so much fun. There were 35 boys that came. It was on a Tuesday night at 7:00 p.m. (We actually have a second program on Friday since we limit attendance at 35 and we had so many boys that wanted to come. Last I saw Friday’s program has 22 boys signed up.)

Today’s program was based on Indiana Jones.

Indiana Jones Books

My coworker made sure that there were loads of books to check out. And the beautiful thing was that these boys did check them out! And they were very sad when the book they wanted was already taken. In fact, they have a system where they look at books at the beginning and they put their names on papers and put the papers in the books so the book is “claimed” for after the program. This system “mostly” works…

totum and indy

The bulk of the program was doing an obstical course. Here is Indy looking on at the totem. Basically at this challenge the boys had to move the rings from one totem to the other (one at a time).

the tunnel

Here is the giant tunnel that they had to climb through. They also had to leap from hula hoop to hula hoop, jump rope, glide on a scooter/skateboard thing, crawl under a table with balloon “snakes”, throw bean bags at Indiana Jones bad guys, and ….


Dance around these blue library chair-type-things with this monkey or an Indiana Jones Mr. Potato Head. This was my favorite part!

indiana jones

Here is a closeup of Indy keeping watch on the obstacle course shenanigans.

indy fans

Here we have some of the Indiana Jones fan club members.

the scores

Here are the boys grabbing a few library handouts along with the timed score board in the background.

waiting for a turn

And here is how we had the tables set up so that they had to wait behind them while watching the others go through the obstacle course.

Basically this program was loads of fun…and I am sad I’m not working on Friday so I can watch round two. But hopefully I can play again on the next No Girls Allowed program!

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  1. As a follow-up, Fridays program filled up with almost 100% attendance even with the snow storm. For a little more than 1/2 this was their first time at No Girls Allowed. I love this program, and the boys have so much fun. It is a sneaky way to get them to the library and introduce them to books and topics in a super fun way. We even had a handful of boys break the less than 1 min obstacle course time. It was funny to watch the time for those who stayed behind to run the course again, get slower and slower as they wore themselves out:)

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