Superhero Training Academy Decorations!

Well, we had our Superhero Training Academy a bit ago, and I thought I would post a few pictures of how I decorated for it.  We put up the plastic table clothes across the ceiling. (Which we got the idea from here…but we went for the weave instead of the out-from-the-center idea.) Then the star garlands went all around those with these fun comic-sound-burst-signs hung all over the rest of the place. Of course it was all in red, yellow, and blue (the Superhero colors)!

Here is a skyline that took me quite a few Saturdays to paint. But every superhero needs a skyline to fly around.

Here is the telephone booth that I made from a large cardboard box. (Saw this idea first here, although mine is not as cool!)

What super party would be complete without a table and background where you could look like you were flying? (Yeah, yet another idea steal…this time from here.)

And here is what we had to make sure the superheros shared the food.

So, there you have it. A whole lot of superhero decorations. Hopefully soon I’ll get some superhero
people pictures up soon! Have a SUPER day! 🙂

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