Library Bag Photo Tutorial

pieces of fabric cut out

I made this bag for my nephew a long time ago…but realized that I never posted the pictures of it.  Here are all the pieces that I cut out.

gluing the letter on the pocket

The first thing I did was cut out a “K” for my nephew and glued it to the “pocket” with fabric glue.

sewing the k on

Then I stitched the letter to the pocket.

pinning on the pocket

I sewed the pocket with a back, turned it inside out, and pinned the base of the pocket to the fabric for the bag.

pinning the top of the pocket

After that was sewn on, I got a top for the pocket pinned in place.library card pocket finished

I did this so that when the library card was in the pocket, it wouldn’t get lost. The pocket was made the right size for a library card.

right sides go together

Then I sewed a lining and the outside of the bag. I turned the lining so that the right sides would be together for the lining and the bag.

making the handles

Then I sewed some handles for the bag. After I sewed the side, I turned them inside out.

pinning the lining

Then I pinned the lining, the bag, and the handles together to sew. I sewed almost all the way around the bag…leaving a small hole where I could turn everything

pulling the bag inside out


inside out


hand sewing the bag

Then I stitched the hole together.

bag turned right side out

All done and ready for books!

finished bag

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