Online Kids Games and “Tour” of the Library

kids computer at the library

So one of the things I really like about my new job is this new addition to the Kids Page on our library’s website. There are quite a few fun games that kids can play that were developed just for our library.


Basically if kids click on the above link, click on “Play the Library Game” they go to a room. They choose an object in the room. Do a mini “tour” of either the “library” or the “virtual library”. And after they answer a question (if they go to the “library” they may also find a goat or too and the librarian that is a “giraffe”) they get to choose a few games that they can play. My favorite is Whac-a-Dewey Deci-Mole (a great game of Whac-a-Mole that teaches kids about general Dewey Decimal skills). But there are loads of other games. Plus all the kids get a short little “tour” of where to find things in any of our public libraries.

Seriously, you all have to play these games! Yeah, so cool, eh? I’m so glad that I am now part of the committee that gets to “play” while putting this fun website together. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Online Kids Games and “Tour” of the Library

  1. That sounds like a fun place. Where is your library? Are there other schools that have implemented this learning/game? Any way we can teach is great and with the kids today being so wired in this is a good way to help them learn.

    • My library is the South Jordan Library which is part of the Salt Lake County Library System. It is great fun, and I am pleased with how much the kids can “learn” while playing games. 🙂

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