Great Reads for Girls: Inside Out and Back Again

So for this month’s edition of the Great Reads for Girls Mother/Daughter Book Club we talked about the book Inside Out and Back Again. It was a great book with a lot of things that the girls liked talking about, especially about how there are different cultures and ideas around the world and what it would be like for them to go out and experience something new and different. Since my library is part of a large system, each library does one “box” for the Great Reads for Girls program and then we send the boxes around the system and “share” the work that was done. That way each library does one box and everyone has a year full of program ideas. This wonderful box was from a coworker, and I thought it was a FANTASTIC box!

table decorations

Here are some of the table decorations that were sent to us, so we could have our fruit cups (treats) displayed with flare.

some clothes

Here were some of the traditional clothes that we had to display. The girls liked looking at these things as we talked about the book.

finger puppet dragon

Then we got to make these guys. Aren’t these dragons just the cutest thing? Seriously, the feather boa cut to make a dragon was such a great idea!


The fingers of some of those cheap knit gloves were cut off and pre-glued to the feathers.

dragon supplies

There were also a lot of various bits of “dragon faces” that were pre-cut. Most of the smaller pieces were on sticky back felt. The main part of the dragon’s face wasn’t so it could be glued to the feathers properly without having excess sticky back. The ribbons, dragon’s face, googly eyes, and extra feathers were just glued on using toothpicks/q-tips to dab glue in the right spots without getting craft glue all over. I bet craft sticks would work as well.

making dragons

Here is my coworker and some of the GRG participants getting ready to work on their dragons.

three girls

And a few finished dragons for you to look at. Isn’t it amazing how different they all are?

pink dragon

Here is a close-up of one that one participant was especially proud of.

the boy

And even the lone brother made this craft. His sister and one of the moms was pretty great to help him make his dragon, which he really liked.

blue dragon

And this was my dragon. It was a fun craft, I think this is one I will have to remember! I’m so grateful my coworker put this box together!

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    • I know! I wish it was my great idea, but at least we could use it for our program! (And I am grateful people who are brilliant share their brilliant ideas!)

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