Drops of Gold by Sarah M. Eden

drops of gold

Drops of Gold
Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-60861-569-8
FORMAT: Romance
AGES: Young Adult, Adult4 Stars

Marion is alone. Her mother, father, and brother died and she is left without a way to care for herself. So, she decides to fake a letter of reference and become the governess Mary Wood. She is surprised when she finds out that her new charge is only four years old. But, Miss Caroline Jonquil of the Meadows is in need of stability and love, so Mary vows to help. Of course Caroline’s father is as handsome and he is hardened by the loss of Caroline’s mother…and Marion has her work cut out for her. But with a cheerful outlook, a dose of storytelling, and a few “drops of gold” Marion hopes to help this sad household realize just how magical happiness can be.

So, I think Sarah M. Eden is becoming one of my favorite romance authors. I like the regency feel in all of her stories. And even though they are as predictable as the next romance, I still get caught up in how the tale will twist itself into a happy ending. I did like Seeking Persephone and Kiss of a Stranger better, but this one was read through twice before I even bothered to write the review. Which is saying something about the story as well as my romantic ideals! Ha!

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