Phobiapedia: All the Things We Fear the Most! by Scholastic

Sometimes it is good to have a big book with nice pictures to gross kids out with. (Especially if about to do school visits.) This is one of those books. With great pictures of snakes, spiders, sharks, germs, etc. there will be some squirms and giggles. This is also a good book for those kids who don’t really like reading every word in a book. Fun to look at…even if the fuzzy title on the cover makes a reader think of fuzzy creepy crawling things…

What to do after reading this book:
Make edible dirt (aka crushed up oreos on top of chocolate pudding with gummy worms)
Write down a list of what the reader is afraid of
Go on a bug-safari in the backyard or a park
Tell a scary story
Run around with the picture of the shark and chase Joella…oh wait, that’s what my brother would do. 🙂

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