Love Stinks Book Display

I wanted to change up the teen display in our library so that it had a Valentine’s theme. But really I didn’t want it to be the Valentine’s theme of gushy, romance or what not. So I decided to make a “LOVE STINKS” sign and put up books where love stinks (sometimes). As in the road to happily ever after is closed or it is really bumpy. So this is what I came up with.

love stinks

And the happy part is that I have had the display up for a couple of weeks…and I am constantly re-filling it. It will be ready to come down fairly soon, but I am happy that the display has done so well.

love stinks with books

Huzzah for celebrating the other side of love in a teen’s life during Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Love Stinks Book Display

    • Thanks! It was a fun book list to make. And honestly, so many of the books keep getting checked out that the “sometimes” clause of the title is being used more and more… 🙂

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