LEGO Crew!

Whew! It was a fun, crazy day at the library! We had about 80 people in our first-ever LEGO Crew program.

name tags

Here were the name tags each of the kids wore. (This was just so I could call them by name in the program…)

lego crew rules

Here are some of the rules that we had for the program.

lego box

So, how did I do the program? First I pulled out all my LEGOs from my LEGO boxes. Then I put them on the table like this:


Then I split the masses into groups with about 4 in each group (although some groups had five thanks to extra numbers and those that came late to the program).

picking out legos

Then I let everyone pick some LEGOs for their group. I gave out these plates for everyone to put their LEGOs on. And one team member would go up one at a time to get about 20 LEGOs. Then the next team member would go until everyone had all the LEGOs they needed.

working together

Here are some of the groups as they worked on their projects.

fun with legos

It looked like they all had fun.

a lego group

Even if they all didn’t know each other before that night.

two and some legos

Oh, and did I mention that I gave them all a theme to build around? Well, I did.

building with legos

You probably can’t tell from these first pictures…but if you could look closely, you would notice that all of these creations had to do with The Cat in the Hat or Dr. Seuss.

lego crew project

All of the projects were very whimsical.

lego hat for cat in the hat

Or full of red and white stripes.

lego cat in the hat

Or The Cat in the Hat himself. Yeah, this was fun. We will do it again… 🙂

2 thoughts on “LEGO Crew!

  1. Awesome! Thanks for posting all of the pictures of happy kiddos. So, do you have a plan yet as to how often you’ll be offering LEGO programs? 🙂

    • Besides to do more of these once a month? 😉 We were joking about needing to do two a month…but we will tweak a few things and then roll with the punches. And we are getting more LEGOs! So that will make loads of kids happy. Especially since the library can get the educational LEGO sets, which are a lot of fun! 🙂

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