Casketball Capers by Peter Bently and Chris Harrison

Lee Price goes to school. But not just any school. Vampire School. That is because he is a vampire. At vampire school the learn all sorts of things, like how to turn into a vampire bat or hang up-side-down when being a bat. Another thing that Lee does at school is play casketball, which is a game somewhat similar to basketball. But they try to get the ball in a casket instead of a basket. Lee and his friends are great vampires. I like how there is a good mix of girl and boy vampire friends. Also, the teacher and parents are great (and the mummy ref at the casketball game is super). I really like how the grownups are good solid characters who are as likable as the vampire friends. Lee also has a friend that is a werewolf, and he does play a game of casketball against his friend’s werewolf team. The brilliant thing about this book is that it is a smart, well-crafted book. AND it is a “bridge” book or a “transition” book. Which means that this book is perfect for those that are just getting out of the beginning readers section but are a little too intimidated by older chapter books. A funny chapter book for beginning chapter book readers? Yes, please! And bonus, this is the first in the “Vampire School” series. How lucky that there will be more of these smashing chapter books to look forward to! Huzzah!

What to do after reading this book:
Play basketball.
Draw a bat.
Make up a game with “vampire” or “werewolf” rules.
Talk about playing by the rules, being fair, and why games have rules.

What this book could do:
Helps those readers who can’t read large chapter books have something interesting to read that isn’t “baby-ish”.
Provides a fun “scary” book that really isn’t all that scary.
Helps kids understand why “that’s not fair” is such an important part of the playground and how they can creatively look at solving a problem.

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