Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell

When Jane was a little girl she had a stuffed animal (a chimpanzee) named Jubilee. This sweet picture book shows the scientific curiosity that the young Jane Goodall had to observe nature and life around her. The illustrations of the main story are interesting, but just as interesting are the drawings of animals, plants, ships or other scientific-type things near the text. Those particular illustrations almost force the reader to stop looking at the story and just observe what is there on the page. This is truly a book to celebrate the moment when a young scientist discovers things by looking and thinking rather than reading and being told. Nice! Oh, and another Caldecott Honor Book. Congrats, Mr. McDonnell!

What I would do after reading this book:
Visit the zoo.
Lay down in the yard and watch what happens for 15 minutes. Then draw in a book about it.
Act like a monkey and eat bananas and raisins for lunch.

What this would do:
ItĀ helps promote observations. Which is an important skill in understanding what is going on around you (and thus figuring out what to do based on what is going on around you).
It strengthens imagination and pretending.
It creates interest in animals and other parts of the world (backyards, jungles, etc.).

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