Star Party Toothpicks

So I wanted the toothpicks that held the chicken sandwiches together to go along with my star theme. I mean, I guess I could have used those toothpicks with the sparkly frou-frou on top…but I wanted stars! Anyway, I had made some pink fondant for the cupcakes, so I thought I would use those same stars for the toothpicks. I just cut out dozens of stars from the fondant.

Then I put them on the toothpicks and let them dry. It was super easy, and I totally think that I would do it again for another party. I would say I only spent an additional 15-20 minutes doing this last minute project, yet look how great the plates of food look with the star toothpicks in them! (Which we ended up using to pick up the fruit along with holding the sandwiches together.) Anyway, these toothpicks made me happy.

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