Five Little Fish Craft

This last week I combined E and F for story time. Since I did a literacy game that had to do with an elephant, I wanted to make sure that my craft had something to do with the letter F. So I came up with this 5 Little Fish rhyme and pictures.

5 little fish craft page

I found a picture of a fish that I liked here. Then I put five little versions of that fish in boxes. The fish were on the bottom of the boxes and there was a bit of blank space at the top. That way when the kids cut out the boxes they could fold them over, staple the two sides and make finger puppets.

5 little fish

Then I had two larger pictures of the fish to be the mama and papa fish. I gave the kids a straw and they cut it in half and taped it to the mama and papa fish. Then they were stick puppets.

mama and papa fish

With the words on the handout I felt confidant that the kids could go home and do a little mini puppet show about the 5 Little Fish.


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