Star Party Decorations!

So here is a picture of the wall by my stairs. I know, I know…there are stars all over. So this just goes to show that yes, I really did love the shape of a star before I had this party. In fact, this wall is one of the reasons that I wanted a “star” party. It made me happy to even think of doing a party based on my favorite shape.

 This is a picture of my dining room. There aren’t any stars here. Yet, this is where all that food would be. So I wanted to show you how I dressed everything up so that it would work with the theme. If you look at the colors that I tend to decorate with…there are a lot of browns, silvers, blues and greens. All more “natural” colors. For the star party I thought it would be nice to have a fun color that I don’t really decorate with, but that I love. That way the decorations would really pop. So I picked pink. For no other reason than that I like that color…even if I choose not to decorate with it. And silver because I can’t stay away from things that sparkle. But there was also some black thrown in, just for good measure.

So I got some silver fabric that sparkled (and believe me, the sparkling party was very important). Then I picked out some pink fabric I had laying around and I cut out some stars with the help of a cookie cutter. Then I sewed the stars to the silver fabric which I pinned to the picture frame (seeing how I didn’t want this to be a permanent change to the picture I love).

 Add a pink table cloth and some confetti stars for filler in between the food and I called it a day.

And that is how we came to this table. There are all the pink and silver bits thrown in. And if you look closely you will notice some grey stars hanging down. What are those you ask? Well, let me tell you.

I decided to make some star garlands out of big grey stars. Then the little stars I had just hanging down. I used tape and some white quilters thread. It took about two or three movies to tape all the stars and only about 15 minutes to put up on the day of the party. I also threw up some cut up plastic table cloths (thanks to pinterest for the idea) and some silver and pink balloons.

And my roommate was kind enough to add the pink flowers as the main accent. A party isn’t a party without beautiful flowers, right? And there you have it…all my star party decorations.

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