The Ghost Belonged to Me by Richard Peck

This is the first in the Blossom Culp series. Basically Alexander is a young teen who lives in Illinois when street cars are the new form of transportation in town. When his friend Blossom Culp lets him know that he is one of the few that can see ghosts and the like, and that there is a ghost living in the old barn behind his house, Alexander doesn’t know what to believe. Then he sees the ghost…not once but multiple times. And the ghost wants him to save a whole street car full of people who will soon die if he doesn’t go out and save them. With Richard Peck as the author it isn’t surprising that this mix of history and mystery is crafted so well that even readers who are nervous of ghost stories will want to know what will happen.

What I would do after a kid has read this book:
I would make a pretend fire (there are all kinds…out of paper, an edible fire, etc.) and sit all sorts of kids around it and tell ghost stories while holding a flashlight up to my face.
I would put a sheet over top of a kid (or two) and have them pretend they are ghosts and see if they could sneak up on me.
Have a kid write her own ghost story.
Talk about street cars, steamboats, and other forms of old-fashioned transportation.
Write a story about today about what you would haunt if you were a ghost.

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