Star Party Food! (with lots of pictures)

Did you all know I love stars? I love looking at them in the sky. I love decorating with them in my apartment. And they make me happy. Well, my friends Becky and Rachel helped me throw a party to celebrate stars. There are so many things to show you about the “Star Party” so it might take a few posts, but I wanted to let you all in on my party!

First of all, the food. We decided to make all sorts of star-themed tasty bits for everyone to munch on. And if I do say so myself this plate of stars to eat sure was yummy. First off we had these yummy chicken salad sandwiches that Rachel made that were cut into star shapes. And I made these little star toothpicks to hold them together. (I’ll show you how I made them another day, but they sure looked good!)

I made some cornbread and tucked in a star on top. I know, not really in the shape of a star, but they did taste good. I also whipped up some raspberry honey butter to go with them (and with the pink and grey and black color scheme). The raspberry honey butter was a hit, and I wish I had more around the house for my toast in the morning!

I also threw together these cupcakes. Just little stars on top of some royal icing. I wanted the grey and pink to give a nod to the pink Hollywood stars on the sidewalks. Plus, I really do love cupcakes!

 One of the best parts of the spread were these plates of “star fruit” that Becky made. Here she has some raspberries and strawberries cut and placed to look like stars. Plus some star fruit scattered around to make it even more yummy.

I know, right? Don’t these look amazing? I loved the way they turned out!

And check out the kiwi that she cut into the shape of stars with a star cookie cutter! Amazing!

I also made some jello jigglers, which Becky cut (since I was too busy decorating just before the party started). I love jello…did I ever mention that? Perhaps it was because my family called me jello, but I have many happy memories of eating jello (don’t even get me started on jello popcorn)!

See, don’t they look pretty!

Another love of mine is anything lemon. So I got a mix and whipped up these lemon snicker doodles. Mmmm! (I think I love the cookie dough even more than the actual cookies, which are amazing!) And then I put some stars on top with that grey royal icing I had left over from the cupcakes.

Of course no party is a party without something to drink. This is a bit of pomegranate juice and sprite and raspberries mixed in with some ice cubes in the shape of stars.

Yup, star ice cubes. Bet you don’t see that every day! And they were just the right size.

Doesn’t that just look too good to drink? Ah, I think I will have to make some more soon…

 Becky and I also made these grey and pink star mints out of the Wilton’s white chocolate. She made pink and I made grey by adding black food coloring to the white chocolate and adding silver sprinkles.

And what star party would be complete without starbursts! And I love the star candy dish I found at the thrift store. I will totally use that over and over again!

So that’s it. A Star party with lots of food to remember. I’ll try to post more about the decorations and such soon!

4 thoughts on “Star Party Food! (with lots of pictures)

  1. Thanks, we sure have fun doing themed parties. And you haven’t even seen the decorations or the main activity. I have loads more pictures to add! 🙂 Just you wait!

  2. How fun!! Random comment of the day: I had a rootbeer cupcake about a month ago, and it made me think of you and the rootbeer cookies you made when we were roommates. Too bad rootbeer disappears when baking…the cupcakes tasted NOTHING like rootbeer. But, I did think of you. Happy Star Party!

  3. Oooh! Must. Make. Rootbeer. Cookies. Well, I know what I need to do this weekend. Crazy that the cupcakes didn’t taste like rootbeer. How sad. Hey, remember when we did that rootbeer kegger at the park. Oh, rootbeer, what fun we have had. Maybe there should be a rootbeer party… 😉

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