Hogwash! by Karma Wilson

The farmer wants to wash all of his animals. The hogs want nothing to do with it. Even though this isn’t quite as clever as Click Clack Moo, kids will sure enjoy the hog’s signs and how the farmer finally reacts to the hogs and their hogwash. Fun read!

What I would do after reading this book:
I would give kids a bath or let them help give their toys a bath or clean something around the house.
Talk about why it is good to be clean (or dirty).
Play the “what if” game with creative problem solving. “What if I wouldn’t  pick up my shoes? Then I would make you walk on buckets.”
Also, since the solution was for the farmer to be dirty sometimes…I would give them some pigs in a blanket for lunch and let them get their pigs “dirty” with ketchup. Yummy!

What this would do:
It is good for kids to see that often there is more than one solution for a problem. Also, there almost always tends to be a good, better, best type of solution. A large portion of problem solving is looking at something and brainstorming all sorts of solutions until you come up with the best solution.

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