Giraffe Valentine Card

For story time the week of Valentine’s Day I wanted to have a take-home craft that could be used as a valentine (since story time was the day before and the day of Valentine’s Day). But I needed something that had to do with the letter “g” (which usually isn’t my story time letter during Valentine’s Day week since I usually get to start my story time letter themes in the fall instead of in January). So I made up a valentine card with a giraffe. It was a little tricky, but I figured for a free valentine the parents would be willing to help cut the tricky parts out.

top half giraffe valentine craft

I got this picture of a giraffe from this website. But then I changed it up a little bit. I put the top half on this piece of paper and added where to cut things out so that the card would work (as in the giraffe’s neck would “grow”…another “g” word).

bottom half giraffe valentine craft

Then I put the bottom half of the giraffe on another piece of paper. I added the bit about where to fold the paper and the part where the paper needed to be cut out.

giraffe valentine craft instructions

Then I put together these instructions on how to put the card together.

girrafe valentine card neck down

And here is a finished card with the neck down.

girrafe valentine card neck out

And with the giraffe neck out it will let everyone know that they are loved this past Valentine’s Day!


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