Say What? by Angela DiTerlizzi

What do animals mean when they make animal sounds? One young boy wonders what animals are really saying when they moo, neigh, hiss, or roar. He wonders if a “neigh” really means “hay” or if “baa” really means “Ma.” This is a great book to promote rhyming. The pictures suggest what the animal sound might mean. A picture of a snake kissing a mama snake suggests that the rhyme with “hiss” might be “kiss.” Kids who love trying to figure out sound-alikes will enjoy reading this book with a clever adult who pauses in just the right spots.

What would I do after reading this book?
Make up silly rhymes
Guess what animals are “saying”
Have a silly conversation with a child speaking only in animal sounds

What does this book do?
It promotes rhyming and imagination. When children hear and use rhymes it helps them understand that words are made up of specific sounds put together. That will help pre-readers when they start to read because they will already know that sounds put together make words and various sounds can be used in different orders to make different words.

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