Is Everyone Ready for FUN? by Jan Thomas

Is Everyone Ready for FUN? Then RUN to the library to check out this book! I can’t even explain how AMAZING it is. But then again, if you love Jan Thomas the way that I do…then you won’t be surprised!

Three cows decide that they are ready for fun. They head for Chicken’s small sofa and start jumping. Chicken does not think this is fun. Chicken does not like how squashed the sofa looks. Chicken tells those cows that they need to not jump anymore. So they decide to do something else on the sofa. Dance. Dancing is fun. Soon chicken is losing feathers over all the things that the three cows are doing on his sofa. Such a fun read. Kiddos will want to read it again and again.

Hurry, you won’t have any more fun unless you check out this book. Totally worth it!

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