Happy Pie Day!


So, if you don’t know. I like pie. I love pie. And this is to tell you all HAPPY PIE DAY! (3.14) Here is a picture taken on my birthday (in December) thanks to two of my sisters. It is of me and my birthday “cake” aka pie. However, if you look closely you notice that you do not see me. You actually see my niece who is sitting on my lap blowing out my candle (we had a joint birthday party since our birthdays are close together…but this was my “cake”) and my nephew in the background (who loves me so much that he just said my name *clearly* for the first time yesterday when I was at his house, “LELLA! LELLA! LELLA!” Complete with a toddler-sized hug). Plus there are a few other family members who were all excited to see the flame go out scattered around the picture. Yeah, Happy Pie Day indeed. You can bet that I won’t just see a picture of pie today. I’m going to get me some of the real stuff. And for the record, as of my last birthday…I’m a bit older than one…even though I just had one candle on my cake pie.

*I say clearly because he and I are such pals I know he has said my name before even if it sounded like toddler babble.*

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