Tales for Very Picky Eaters by Josh Schneider

Are you ready to laugh out loud? Are you a picky eater or know picky eaters? Do you want another brilliant easy chapter book? This is your lucky day! James is a picky eater. He doesn’t like a lot of the things that his dad wants him to eat. Just take a look at the titles of the chapters: “The Tale of the Disgusting Broccoli”, “The Tale of the Smelly Lasagna”, “The Tale of the Repulsive Milk”, “The Tale of the Lumpy Oatmeal”, and “The Tale of the Slimy Eggs”. In each chapter James doesn’t want to eat something. And in each chapter James’ dad proves how brilliant he is. (Just imagine, a Dad who is brilliant and great with his kid and is in a kids’ book. Love it!) Anyway, when James declares that he won’t eat broccoli because it is “disgusting” he asks his dad for something else to eat. James’ dad gives options. Instead James could eat dirt or chewed gum or smelly socks. James wisely chooses the broccoli. Each chapter is just as great. And then finally James starts to catch on with the “Slimy Eggs”. I’m telling you, this is a fun book. And I kids will enjoy seeing how James’ dad tricks James into eating things and how James finally figures out what James’ dad is doing. Good stuff.

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