Great Reads for Girls: Pie


So I feel like I am ages behind in showing what events are happening at the library. Probably because I am behind. I have been trying to read and review so many of the YALSA’s Reading Challenge Books that I haven’t kept up with showing you all what we have been up to at the library. And since I am in the midst of reading a couple of somewhat longer YALSA books, I have a few days to try to catch up a little bit in terms of what is going on around the South Jordan Library.

The February Great Reads for Girls book club book was Pie by Sarah Weeks. And We had so much fun doing this program. In fact, I was so impressed by what was put together that I had to call write to my coworker and tell her how wonderful it all was. Mostly because it was just perfect! (In case I didn’t tell you all earlier, a whole bunch of librarians around our system put together boxes of these book club programs–then we all share. That is very helpful in that we don’t have to actually make 9 or more different book club programs each year, we just make one and we all share and do different book clubs in different months. It works out great!)

Anyway, here is what we did:

pie game

First we played this game where we had to figure out what picture went with the different type of pies that were made in the book. Then we talked about the book and I asked specific questions that the girls answered.

making aprons

Then I had the girls make their own aprons.

hands putting details on

All the girls really loved personalizing the aprons.


Here is the apron my coworker made as the sample.


And here are some of the finished aprons.

three friends

We had about 40 participants (girls and their mothers). It was a lot of fun!

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