Striped Fabric Skirt for a Little Girl Tutorial

I had been given a lot of fun fabric at a quilt shop class that I am taking. We are given the fabric and then have to figure out what we will make with it. I knew that I wanted to make a skirt for my 2 and 1/2 year-old niece with the fabric, so was excited when I thought she would actually like the colors. All of the fabric was black, white, blue, or orange.

First of all I took the fabric that was mostly black and cut 2-inch strips.

Then I cut 1 and 1/2 inch strips of the blue and orange fabric.

Then I sewed it all together. in two large pieces. (The pieces were three times the size of my niece’s waist.)

Then I cut the white fabric into some rectangles that were a bit smaller…and some blue and orange fabric as well.

I sewed the blue and orange and white fabric to make one really long strip that was about 2 and a half times the size of the black and orange and blue fabric.

I sewed down the sides of the white strip with a large basting stitch.

Then I pulled the thread so that I had a ruffle on each side of my fabric.

I pinned the ruffle to each of the black and orange and blue pieces.

Then I sewed it together.

And turned it so that the ruffle was on the bottom and the inside and outside were both the same. Basically I didn’t want any unfinished edges when it was a skirt for a two-year-old.

Then I sewed some black satin blanket binding around the top to make the waist.

And I left a small hole so I could add the elastic.

And the skirt was done.

I thought it looked cute. But I knew my niece was all into sparkles.

So I added some white pinwheels and some sparkly buttons.

I think she likes it. Happy half-birthday, Claire!

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