Jellyfish Story Time Craft

I had the kids at my story time make jelly fish stick puppets for their craft. Here is how they made them.

jellyfish paper

I created this paper with the instructions on it. It also had a rough circle and triangle to cut out (so they would have a pacman-type shape). Then they colored the top part and taped it together to make a large cone.

jellyfish top

I left mine mostly white since I thought my jellyfish should be as “clear” as possible for my example. Afterward I thought if I had some clear plastic page protectors, that would have been a better jellyfish…but that would have been too expensive for my little story time craft.

jellyfish underside

Once the inside was taped I had them tape bits of yarn to the underside to make the tentacles. Then I had them use a straw and cut the end so that the straw would fold down in opposite directions. This allowed them to tape the straw to the underside of the jellyfish in such a way that it was a more sturdy handle to hold the stick puppet.


And there you have it. A jellyfish stick puppet.

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