Lion Mask Story Time Craft

For “L” week at story time I wanted to use up some craft supplies I had in the story time closet.

lion mask supplies

Specifically the paper plates with the centers cut out and holes punched out on the sides. I used them to make spider’s webs for Halloween. I also used up some of the yarn I had cut for the same spider’s web crafts. Then I cut randomly sized rectangles of yellows and orange paper. I had kids tape about 25 – 30 pieces of paper on the outside rim of the paper plate.

lion mask back

Then I had them tape a piece of yarn to two sides on the back like so. (Can you see the spider’s web hole punches now?)

lion mask

And here is what the lion mask looks like (sans child). The kids had a lot of fun roaring like a lion when they were wearing these masks!

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