Cheetah Can’t Lose by Bob Shea

cheetah can't lose

Cheetah Can’t Lose
Bob Shea
Balzer & Bray, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-06-173083-2
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool
4 Stars

Two kittens are excited that it is race day. Then Cheetah hears them talking. He reminds them that he is great. He is fast. And he can’t lose a race. The kittens have other plans. They decide that it isn’t just one race…they will have multiple challenges happen that day. Cheetah decides that he will win them all. So they go about all kinds of racing…flower jumping, pie eating, yarn pouncing, etc. And with each win that Cheetah has he earns a prize. A prize that makes the next challenge all the harder to win. Then comes the BIG race. And the kittens are in their element.

This is a hilarious story! But then again, what else would I expect from Bob Shea? I love how there are so many mixtures of textures and illustrations. And the text is just perfect. There is one color that means Cheetah is talking and one color for each of the kittens. And when both of the kittens are speaking, then the letters alternate between the two kitten’s colors of text. All in all, this is a fun book that is pleasing both as a story and with all the extra illustrated details. Fun!

What to do After Reading This Book:
Have a race with friends or family.
Have a flower-jumping contest.
Eat pie!
Play and make something with yarn.
Walk around with shoe boxes on your feet.
Go to the store to get some balloons.
Tell your friend(s) what they are good at. Or better yet, make a list and give it to them.

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