Moose Mask

So for my “M” story time I wanted to do a mask. Seeing how kids love those. But I wanted to make something a little more than just a mask. So I brainstormed and came up with a Moose Mask.

moose mask paper

With a lot of cutting and tracing I finally came up with a pattern that I liked. Then I cut out the three pieces and colored the mask.

moose mask back

I cut out on the inside of the antlers and taped them to the back of the mask. I also taped two pieces of yarn to the mask.

moose mask full

Yeah, the kiddos liked this one. And that is what matters. I only wish I could hear them doing moose calls as they left story time. Maybe next time I’ll have them make a moose noise before I give them the masks…

Oh, and as a bonus the Marketing Department at the Salt Lake County Library was cleaning out closets. And look what extra masks I scored to give away to the story time kids. I love the imagination that comes out when 4-year-olds put a mask on and pretend to be someone else!


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