Match the Picture with the Letter Group Literacy Game

m story time set up

For my “M” story time I put together a literacy game where I put five letters on the flannel board. Then I pulled out some pictures from my “Literacy is Fun!” box. I had the kids figure out what the pictures were, and then they figured out what letter group they went with.

match the pictures with the letter group literacy game

So this is where my kids decided some of these pictures would go. I will say that some of these are very straight forward as to where they would go. And because I wanted to mix some things up (and talk about how some things in the world can be put in multiple “groups”). For example:

a grouping

Here is the “A” group with: aunt, apple, and alligator.

b group

Here is the “B” group with: Baby, bugs, baseball, and books.

m group

And the “M” group had: moon, milk, monkey, and mom. And if you noticed the “aunt”, “baby”, and “mom” pictures are all the same…since it is just one picture that I moved. In my three story times, this picture ended up in three different letter groups. And that was okay, that is why I did that particular picture.

c group

The “C” group had: cookie, computer, and crayons (which could have been “art supplies”).

d group

The “D” group had: dinosaur (which could have been bones), dancers (which could have been ballerinas), dessert (which was cookie for most kids), and dog. This was fun because every time a child shouted what group it should be in, they were pretty much right. 🙂

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