Rainbow Window Display

Once again I am excited to share what one of my coworkers has come up with. This is the kids’ area window display that was put up in March. (And there will be an addition that will be added for April….which I will show later).

rainbow window

It is a giant rainbow…which all the kids have LOVED.

rainbow pot of gold

I think that in part had to do with the fact they got to write their names on a gold coin and add it to our pot of gold. (They got a gold coin when they finished one of our “I Spy” games at the library.)

rainbow clouds

Here are the clouds on one side.

rainbow close up

My coworker wrinkled all the colored paper so that it would have a little more dimension (and that it would make the curve on the rainbow easier to do). And I totally liked how it looked!

rainbow from outside

I also love that the rainbow (and all our window displays) can bee seen from outside as well. That always makes me happy, when people notice bits of the library as they are walking up to the library. 🙂

rainbow with tiger

I think even our Library Tiger liked the rainbow. What do you think?

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