10 Sneaky Ninjas

For my “N” story time I wanted to do a craft that had something to do with ninjas….mostly because my 5-year-old nephew LOVES ninjago and ninjas of all sorts. So I came up with this particular craft.

10 sneaky ninjas on a hand

I also wanted the craft to be given out all on one sheet of paper. So I drew (on the computer, I was so impressed with myself) these ninja faces. Then I colored them to be the ninjago ninja colors.

10 sneaky ninjas colored

I then put the words on the top of the page.

10 sneaky ninjas words

Basically as far as the ninjas go, I just cut out the various rectangles, folded them over and stapled the two sides.

10 sneaky ninjas and Joella

Then I sang my song. Below is an image of the actual page in case anyone wants to print it off and use it themselves. Let’s just say that I know many little kids who squealed when I said the craft was about ninjas. And yesterday I finally got a chance to teach my ninja-loving nephew the song. I heard him sing it about 9 or 10 times in a row. So yeah, I think people liked it.

10 sneaky ninjas handout

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