LEGO® Crew Library Program April 2013

The theme for this month’s LEGO® Crew program was PIRATES! We had just under 60 people at this program. They were divided into 15 different teams. Here are some of the Crew and their creations. Arrr! Enjoy me mates!

lego crew 1

lego crew 2

lego crew 3

lego pirates 01

This is where the pirates throw all their prisoners.

lego pirates 02

This one is a pirate’s sword with gold at the bottom.

lego pirates 03

The skull keeps watch over this golden treasure.

lego pirates 04

Monster pirate.

lego pirates 05

Pirate fight or pirate powwow?

lego pirates 06

Steering the ship.

lego pirates 07

Walk the planks!

lego pirates 08

Fire the cannons! (And fight with your pirate-flame-sword!)

lego pirates 09

Pirate house.

lego pirates 10

Some food on the pirate ship.

lego pirates 11

Backside of the pirate ship.

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