It’s National Library Week!

Happy National Library Week!


So, what does this mean? For me it means that I get to celebrate what I love the most–libraries! (After all, I wouldn’t work in one if I didn’t love them!)

What does it mean for you? It means that this is the week where you can celebrate your favorite libraries! Here are some ideas on what you should do:

Visit a library.
Talk to people about what you do at your library.
Go visit your library’s website.
Check out library materials: books, DVDs, CDs, Books on CD, ebooks, e-audio books, downloadable songs or movies or magazines.
Do some of your research by using one of the library’s many databases (so much quality information with a click of a button…and your library card #).
Go to a library program.
Write a letter to your library telling them what you like/don’t like (how can they improve if they don’t know what your needs are?).
Write a letter to an author that you discovered because you went to the library.
Check out a book on display at your library.
Do a happy dance…because you have access to a library!

Basically, this is the week where we celebrate the opportunities that come to us thanks to libraries. And as an added bonus on Thursday there will be a fun announcement from the YALSA Teens’ Top Ten Committee…and that is one of my favorite announcements. And I should know, I’m on that committee this year. And let’s just say I am VERY excited about what will be announced.

So, tip your hat to libraries this week, especially your library. Just think of all those possibilities that came true because you had a community place with a wealth of knowledge all for free. And don’t forget to tell a friend. Because you never know what they might discover if they only knew about the joys of going to the library. Huzzah!

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