Little Red Hot by Eric A. Kimmel

little red hot

Little Red Hot
Eric A. Kimmel
Illustrated by Laura Huliska-Beith
Amazon Children’s Publishing, 2013
ISBN: 978-1477816387
FORMAT: Picture Book
AGES: Preschool, Elementary School
4 Stars

Little Red Hot got her name because she likes to eat RED HOT peppers that many people cannot stand. When her momma told her that her grandma was sick, Little Red Hot decided to make a hot pepper pie to kick the germs out of her. As she is on her way to Grandma’s house, she is warned by Pecos Bill and his cowboys that there is a wolf around (they found out from the Three Little Tamales that had a run-in with the wolf recently). Little Red Hot promises to be careful. But soon she meets the wolf, although he tells is not Senor Lobo but is Senor Coyote. When the wolf finds out what is going on, he runs over to Grandma’s to see if he can get a quick meal before Red gets there. Of course Grandma is no dummy, so she jumps out the window and runs away as the wolf comes in. When Red gets there there is quite a few exclamations (“my what big eyes you got” and so on). But when Little Red Hot feeds some of her hot pepper pie to the wolf, he flew up like a firecracker because of how hot it was. And Granny and Red were safe and lived happily ever after (with a nice bit of Red Hot Pepper Pie).

I liked this retelling of Little Red Riding Hood. I liked the bit about the peppers. (Perhaps because I have some family members who are very into hot peppers). And I liked that Red got her name from what she liked verses what she wore. I also liked how spunky she is. She wasn’t afraid of the wolf (and she knew who he was even though he tried to trick her). But she had a plan and she took care of him. And I also liked the mention of the Three Little Tamales, which is another great book retelling the Three Little Pigs. Basically, if I have a good mixed-up fairytale with great illustrations, I am a happy camper. Nice!

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