An Unlikely Match by Sarah M. Eden

unlikely match

An Unlikely Match: A Regency Novel
Sarah M. Eden
Covenant Communications, Inc., 2012
ISBN: 978-1-60861-566-7
FORMAT: Romance, Paranormal
AGES: Teen, Adult
3.5 Stars

Nickolas Pritchard has inherited a huge castle in Wales. But his family left Wales centuries ago. Now he has the task of figuring out how to run a vast estate (he hardly had two pennies before) all while trying out to fit in in a Welsh culture. However, that isn’t the only thing he has to figure out. He also needs to figure out what to do about the ghost that haunts his new home. Her name is Gwenllian ferch CAdoc ap Richard of Y Castell. The staff call her Gwen. She died about the time that Nickolas’ ancestor left Wales some 400 odd years before. Gwen has a great interest in her home. In fact, she does not like the owners of Y Castell (the castle) to do things contrary to her wishes. And Nickolas does what ever he wants…which displeases Gwen. Yet, the ghost and the new master are drawn to each other…and just might become friends. But just friends, for how can someone fall in love with a ghost?

This is a fun little romance. I actually really enjoyed it. And I did like the characters and the story line. However, once I saw where it was going, I did predict just exactly would happen (for the most part…some of the details were unknown even though the outcome was guessed). But it is one of those happy little stories that I could read in one sitting and it just made me happy. Like a sweet, fluffy piece of cake to eat that just tastes so good even though you know exactly where the story is going. So, all you regency-loving readers (who don’t mind a paranormal ghost), be sure to pick up this delightful story. And a couple of hours later you will have that happy, romance feeling as you finish it.

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