Weather Patterns Literacy Game

So I did another literacy game that has to do with reading by not reading. So if you think about it a lot of “reading” isn’t really reading. Take weather symbols for example. If you look at a weather app or a newspaper to see what the weather is…it doesn’t have a paragraph explaining everything. There is a picture and a number. And you glean quite a bit of information with that. The same goes for company logos. Just ask any kid to read a McDonalds sign and you know they recognize those golden arches. So with that in mind I did a weather pattern literacy game.

weather signs

I had the kids “read” the pictures. Then when I pulled out the words we just started to sound out the first part and they knew what picture it went with. I think they liked being able to recognize that they can actually “read” a lot of things already. Although I do have one particularly smart kid who said that I need to make my literacy games “a little harder ‘cuz we’re too smart” for what I had planned. And isn’t that a great problem for me to have?

rainy and cloudy

sunny and snowy

partly sunny and lightning storm

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