Watermelon Wristband

I love summer. And I love watermelon. And I love crafts that my puppet Freddy can “wear” or use when I pull him out of the “Clubhouse” to talk about each letter with the kiddos. So the craft for this go-round was a watermelon wristband.

watermelon wristband

Basically it looked like this. If I was a superhero I would be the watermelon girl.

watermelon wristband instructions

So I made this watermelon “slice” in Publisher and added a few rectangles for wristbands. Then I added some instructions. Basically kids colored the watermelon (and the wristbands if they wanted). Then they cut the wristbands and the watermelon out. Then taped it all together.

watermelon wristband taped

I did have to remind them not to let their little brothers and sisters eat them, but they just laughed at me over the idea of little ones eating paper watermelon. And I think they liked that Freddy had one as well.

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