Not a Box Craft

So because I started my story times in January (I started my new job in the Fall), I couldn’t get all the alphabet letters done unless I squished them all together. Thus the crazy amount of doubles and triple letters featured in one story time. Well, this was the end and next Fall I can start with “A” knowing that the letters won’t be as squished together. This week was X, Y, and Z. One of the stories that I really wanted to tell was Not a Box. It happens to be my all-time favorite story that has to do with the letter “X”. (All the letter X books are things like box, t-rex, fox, etc.) So my co-worker gave me a craft she did for that particular book.

not a box bunny

Basically it was a picture of the “bunny” and a picture of the “box” on one paper.

not a box background

I also added a paper that says “Not a Box!”

not a box sample

The idea was to let kids create their own picture of what the box was (since it was NOT A BOX!). I made mine into a door on a house. The kids seemed to really like this idea.

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