Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

wednesdays in the tower

Wednesdays in the Tower
Jessica Day George
Bloomsbury, 2013
ISBN: 978-1-59990-645-4
FORMAT: Fantasy
AGES: Elementary School
4 Stars

Celie is back with her beloved Castle Glower (which tends to change the rooms around on Tuesdays). However, things are a little unusual since it happens to be a Wednesday when the castle starts to change. And BIG changes are starting to happen more and more regularly…which is a little disturbing. In fact, Celie and her family start to wonder if the castle is in trouble. Not to mention Celie finds a room with a large orange egg. And whenever Celie tries to tell her parents about the egg, the castle won’t let her. When a gryphon hatches Celie has the hard task of trying to raise the mythical creature on her own (with the help of Bran and Pogue who the castle has decided could help her). And on top of all that there is a strange wizard who has come to “help” Bran with his research of the castle. And he hasn’t made a good impression on any of the royal family. With so much to do, will Celie be able to keep everything together?

I really enjoyed this particular book. I had loved Tuesdays at the Castle so much that I was worried that this book wouldn’t be as wonderful. But I liked it. Especially with the ending that I can’t tell you all about. 🙂 But I liked how Celie has learned more about how to listen to the castle and figure out what is going on. And even though I don’t understand why the castle didn’t want the rest of the royal family to know about the gryphon, I liked how they all were concerned about the castle and would do anything in their power to help the castle become settled again. All in all this is another delightful fantasy that has one of those endings that will have readers begging for more (if only because there is a cliff-hanger of sorts). I can’t wait to see what Thursdays will bring!

Book Discussion Questions:
Why didn’t Celie tell her family about the gryphon? Have you ever kept a secret from your family? Was it a good idea? What happened when they found out?
Would you have trusted Wizard Arkwright? Why or why not?
What rooms in the castle would you be especially excited about seeing?
Why were so many gryphons hidden around the castle?
What was Wizard Arkwright trying to do? Was it a good idea? Was he justified in trying to do it?
What do you think will happen on Thursdays?

One thought on “Wednesdays in the Tower by Jessica Day George

  1. I really enjoyed Tuesdays at the Castle, mostly because–I mean, a living castle! How amazing is that? From what I’ve been hearing, it sounds like the sequel lives up to the first one, and successfully explores some new areas as well.

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