Miner Cave Window Display

Decorations are pretty much one of my favorite things about summer reading. Mostly because I love how the whole library being decorated for something, like summer reading makes me feel like we are all working together to get people excited about reading. And that makes me happy. So, I was grateful when I got the change to help decorate the windows in the teen area.

miner cave

Since the teen theme is “Beneath the Surface” and since the local high school has a mascot of a Miner (and yes, it is my Alma Mater, so I am totally okay with having some “miner” fun), we went for a mining cave. I put up the brown and grey on the windows. Then another of my brilliant co-workers added the details.

miner cave texture

I really like the texture. Instead of just having the grey on top of the brown, my co-worker added the brown texture so it really looked like a cave. She also added some spooky eyes, a MINER sign, and some gems. Then another co-worker added some bats around it.

Basically, I think it looks great!

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