Dirt Windows

With the “Dig Into Reading” theme we really wanted to have fun with decorating our windows. So we wanted to play with some tunnels and dirt. And Mo Willem’s Naked Mole Rats.

dirt windows no mole rats 1

First we put up some “dirt” on the windows. Then some purple tunnels (because brown on brown wouldn’t be very easy to see and who doesn’t like purple?) and some “stuff” in the dirt thanks to our marketing team. And the great circulation department made our stacks of books. (Don’t they look great?!) And just so you know, there are many windows, we didn’t cover all of them, just the two sides.

dirt windows with molerats 2

And here it is with some of our Naked Mole Rats. We will be adding more throughout the summer. And probably more clothes on the ones that are up.

dirt windows queen molerat

And did you know that Naked Mole Rats have a queen? We thought our queen would be most interested in books.

dirt windows molerat with glasses

dirt windows molerat with a tshirt

dirt windows little molerat with a hat

And we decided to have little Naked Mole Rats and bigger Naked Mole Rats. Just because we could. I’m excited to see where this display goes throughout the summer.

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