Skinny by Donna Cooner


Donna Cooner
Scholastic Audiobooks, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-545-46628-8
FORMAT: Audio Book
AGES: Young Adult
4 Stars

Ever Davies is an obese fifteen-year-old who is sure the world is talking about her and her weight. She knows this because Skinny, the unspoken voice of the world, sits on her shoulder and tells her all about what everyone else is thinking. And to make matters worse while Ever sits in front of the whole school at an assembly, the chair under her breaks. Ever is mortified. That feeling becomes the final straw; she decides to have gastric bypass surgery to try to take back her life. Even though the surgery brings about its own set of frustrations and consequences (not being able to eat the same just being one of them), Ever believes losing weight is the only way to find that happiness. Of course Skinny is still trying to shape Ever’s thinking and opinions. And now that Ever doesn’t weigh so much, she can’t decide if she should still listen to Skinny. This is a great novel about learning to discern between the different thoughts that come with being a teenager—or anyone who questions themselves and their value as a person. Ever is a strong character who just wants a chance to live a happy life, no matter what Skinny has to say about it. Teens who struggle with their own self-worth should read this hopeful story. And teens who are looking for a good audio recording will find enjoyment listening to this realistic teenage portrayal of facing the personal fears of self-worth.

Book Discussion Questions:
Where did Skinny come from?
Why did Ever listen to Skinny for so long?
What really happened to Ever and her friends/family?
What kind of damage does “someone” like Skinny do?
Are there other type of “voices” that people listen to? What would they be concerned about?
What damage happened when Ever listened to what she thought people were thinking rather than finding out the truth?
How could Ever have stopped listening to Skinny in the first place?
Do you have a “Skinny” that you listen to? Do you really listen? What does it say? What do you do about it?

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