Pride and Prejudice the 1940 Movie

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I enjoyed watching one of your first trips to the silver screen this past week. I must say, even when you say the same lines as you do in the book (and in all your other movies) this particular movie was quite the comedy!

I loved how distraught you looked as you met Mr. Whickham at the same assembly when you first met Elizabeth Bennet, snubbed her, and then promptly fell in love with her. I almost squealed when Lady Catherine not only approved of your marriage with Elizabeth, she helped make it come about. And I especially like how Kitty and Denny and Mary and Mr. What’s-his-name (you know, the one we never met until the last scene) hooked up at the end of the movie, leaving all five Bennet sisters equally happy.

And don’t even get me started about the U.S. Navy movie and the Bear Goes Fishing cartoon that are also included. That was quite the bonus section on the DVD!

However, I was rather disappointed that your accent seems to have gone rather American. The only time that I remembered that you lived in England was when you said words like “London.” Speaking of London, I did enjoy seeing a glimpse of your London home. Although I still wish we could have gone to Pemberley again. I would have liked to see what Pemberley looked like in 1940.

While I think I prefer some of your other film appearances better, I will say that this one was quite the comedy and I happily laughed my way through two hours. Hopefully we can do this again, although probably not for a few months or so…

All my love,


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