Butterfly on Flower Optical Illusion

I told you I was changing up my story times this summer by adding a digital literacy game. But I also decided to be more particular about what I am doing after story time. For the bug story time week I decided to do an optical illusion type of craft. But I didn’t tell them it was an optical illusion. I told them it was science!

flower and butterfly papers

So I had these papers with a flower. And then I had these papers with a butterfly.

bag o' straws

Then I had this bag o’ straws. Basically I put down one piece of paper (with the flower) so that it was face down on the floor. I put a straw on top of the paper (the side without the picture). Then I used a few pieces of double-sided tape. Then I put the butterfly paper on top of that so the picture was face-out.

blury butterfly paper on a straw

Sadly, I didn’t take a great picture of this (totally was blurry–that’s what I get for forgetting my nice camera that day). But you can get an idea of how I put it together (just imagine that if we flipped this over there would be the picture of the flower).

Anyway, then I talked to the kiddos about how there really isn’t a butterfly on the flower. But when you spin the straw in your hands so that you see both pictures really fast, it looks like the butterfly is sitting on the flower. Then I told them it was science to know that your eyes make you think that it is one picture when really it was two. And the kids liked it. They thought it was fun that they were doing “tricky” science.

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