More Summer Reading Decorations

Life is just crazy right now. But it is summer, so it is what I should expect. But I just didn’t expect to be super busy with all the library crazy summer stuff, my family summer stuff, and have my car die. Which is what happened this last week. And it is amazing how much time looking for and researching a new car is.

Anywho…here are some of the last bits of pictures of our summer reading decorations that I have been meaning to post for ages. Hopefully the fact that I can get these up will mean that the craziness is about to die down, right?


The adult services librarians put these great volcanoes together for on top of the reference shelves.

another volcano

And I think they both just look amazing.

two volcanoes

And then my coworker who is over the teens put together this creeper to advertise the minecraft teen program this summer.

minecraft creeper

And how about the competition between the two teen teams? The skeletons vs. the mummies. Here is how we are keeping track of which team has read the most minutes. Right now the skeletons are ahead.

mummies vs skeletons post

Basically, I have been meaning to show all these cool bits of how our library is decorated…before we were going to take them down.

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