Another Beehive Cake

So I made another beehive cake for a friend’s birthday (who happens to love beehives). This time I used her pan which was in the shape of a beehive. Since I wanted it to be 3D and the two pieces could fall apart, I needed to cook the cake, frost the inside and freeze it so that the two pieces would stay together.

So I frosted the two pieces of cake together and then froze it. Then I had to add some extra frosting once I was ready to actually frost it.

I piped yellow frosting around with one of my larger tips to make it seem like the different layers of a beehive.

Then I piped some yellow and white frosting to make bees. And of course added some yellow sprinkles and a squiggle of black for the stripes.

I think it turned out pretty well. 🙂


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