Dinosaur Story Time (with a digital element)

So I mentioned that this summer I am trying digital elements in my story times. The first story time was all about bugs. For the second round of story time we talked about dinosaurs.

dinosaur story time books

These are the books I told and read.

I had the same setup for the screen and the iPad as with the bug story time. However this time I did a literacy game that had to do with counting.

dinosaur roar

So basically I had the kids say this “Dinosaur Roar, Let’s Count Some More” chant over and over again. And we talked about how counting is a good skill for literacy. Kids have to know how many letters make up words. And they have to recognize that certain symbols mean things. In this case numbers mean a certain amount. And, there are lots of number symbols in literature. And if you want to see the actual literacy game, just click on this link:


Also, because I wanted to experiment with a few things…I also had one of my songs be a song that I played from YouTube.

elmo youtube

So we sand the dinosaur song with Elmo. I think the kids were excited to not only see Elmo in story time, but they also liked having a movie type of portion of story time.

And look! One of the little girls in story time came up after and gave me this picture.

gift from a kiddo

I love my story time kiddos!

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